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moreAbout the implementation2018In the central environmental protection supervision and the provincial environmental protection supervision of the public problem is corrected

Shutdown notification

    Nanchang is due to gas group co., LTD2019Years8Month29Day21:00To morrow morning6:00,Rescue and reconstruction of buried pipelines,Will be prosperous east avenue medium pressure pipe for repair,Will the hongdu avenue in the garden、Commercial machinery factory dormitory、Railway locomotives、Surrounding the village、Chunhui garden、Hongdu north courtyard、TaiHe Village area such as the user to implement a temporary halt to the gas。
   Please users in above area during a temporary halt to the gas,Close the valve,Pay attention to the gas safety,And tell each other。In case of gas aspects of the situation,Dial the nanchang city gas group in a timely manner24Hours service hotline:88612777Or96166。

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