Zhangzhou golden triangle biotechnology/Food co., LTD is located in minnan golden triangle between xiamen、Shantou zhangzhou between two zones,Is a fixed asset1000More than ten thousand yuan、Fixed plant4000Square meters,Specializing in the production of rose eggplant(Flower)And other plant extracts and golden triangle brand vegetable protein(Particles)Beverage series integrated enterprise。Biological technology co., LTD. The membrane separation technology in the production of high quality plant products,Better able to keep the original color、Sweet、Taste,And can improve the stability of the product and provide processing services,Technology in the domestic plant extraction production industry in a leading position;Food co., LTD., specializing in the production of plant protein(Particles)Beverage companies,The production of the golden triangle brand drinks are enjoying high reputation in the market。A、The main products are biological company:1、Rose eggplant(Flower)Series:Rose eggplant extracts(Powder/Concentrate)。2、This product professional powder(Particles);Bixin。2 ...

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